Schedule a Demo Ride!

Schedule a Demo Ride!

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A glider demo ride will offer you the thrill of a lifetime!

Evergreen Soaring offers several types of demonstration flights for those who wish to become glider pilots or just want to experience soaring flight. Flights are conducted at the Arlington Municipal Airport.

You'll fly with an FAA-certificated Commercial Pilot in a two-place glider, starting with a tow as high as 3,000 feet above the airport. The flight will last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on soaring conditions.

Standard Glider Flight:

Fly in the club’s all metal trainer – the L-23 Super Blanik to 3000’ - $200 (plus tax).

Cascades Foothills Experience:

Take a flight in the club’s High Performance – DG-1000S Sailplane into the Cascade Foothills. There are three choices at various prices.

Local Foothills Experience – Includes aerotow to 4000’ - $300 (plus tax)

Mt. Pilchuck Experience – Aerotow to Mt. Pilchuck with release at 6000’ - $400 (plus tax)

Three Fingers Experience – Aerotow to Three Fingers with release at 8000’ - $500 (plus tax)



  • Can accommodate passengers up to 240 lbs and approximately 6 ft 4 in tall
  • Kids can fly too, if they are "big enough"
  • Ready to fly? Self-register at our scheduling page
  • Questions? Submit an inquiry at the bottom of this page

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there weight or height limitations, or age and mobility requirements?

We can accommodate passengers up to 240 pounds in weight and approximately 6 feet 4 inches in height. There is no firm age requirement but children must be able to follow the pilot's directions and be tall enough to see out the window (typically age 10 and up). Some mobility is needed, similar to getting in and out of a deep and somewhat narrow bathtub.

How many passengers can fly on each flight?

Our two-place gliders can only accommodate the pilot and one passenger on each flight. We are happy to accommodate groups with more than one passenger on separate flights for each person.

How do I schedule a flight?

To schedule a demo ride, please visit the following link. You can continue to check back periodically if your preferred date and time is not available.

Evergreen Soaring Demo Ride Schedule

Soaring is dependent on good weather and our club member volunteers so please be flexible in case we need to postpone or reschedule your flight.

If you wish to be notified when we add new flying dates or if you have any other questions, please submit your inquiry through the "Contact Us" form below.

Where are the flights conducted?

At the scheduled day and time of your flight please meet in front of the Arlington Municipal Airport office on the east side of the field at 18204 59th Dr NE in Arlington. You'll be escorted out to the glider operations area from there. A map of the airport is available at the following link.

Arlington Municipal Airport Map

Please note that Google Maps and other online mapping services will direct you to the wrong side of the airport on the northwest ramp. If you want to use Google Maps to navigate, search instead for "Ellie's At The Airport" which is next door to the airport office building.

What should I bring?

Bring a hat (no caps with buttons on top are allowed), sunscreen, sunglasses and some water. A small point-and-shoot or smartphone camera is usually a good idea too, along with cash or check for the flight.

Who can I contact with additional questions or for help with scheduling?

Please submit your inquiry through the "Contact Us" form below.

Contact Us

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