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Schedule a Demo Ride!

A Glider Demo Ride will offer you a thrill of a lifetime!

Evergreen Soaring offers demonstration flights to those who wish to become glider pilots or just want to experience soaring flight. Flights are available on an appointment basis.

FAST Lesson

The FAST program gives you the opportunity to get a taste of what soaring is all about. It is a program that offers you an introductory lesson in flying a glider, during which you will handle the controls of the aircraft under the guidance of an FAA certificated glider flight instructor.

Club Membership

Club Membership provides you with access to Club Fleet, Instruction and Towing, as well as vibrant community of fellow soaring pilots.

Learning to Fly

Evergreen Soaring provides free flight instruction for members. Glider pilots are licensed by the FAA, just like powered aircraft pilots. You'll learn to control the glider safely and precisely, navigate, and develop a basic understanding of weather and other aviation topics.

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Elected Officers
President Anthony J. Puglisi
President Elect James Dobberfuhl
Treasurer Martin Gibbins
Secretary Jean-Claude Hauchecorne
Operations Director Movses Babayan
Appointed Officers
Chief CFIG Michael Delaney
Equipment Director Charles Longley
Chief Tow Pilot Ron Bellamy
Volunteer Positions
Towrope Manager Russell Lee
Golf Cart Manager David Lindberg
Clubhouse Manager Chris Carpenter
Hangar Manager Jean-Claude Hauchecorne
Scheduler Movses Babayan
eGlidepath Editor Fred Hermanspann
Webmaster Movses Babayan
Towplane Manager Charles Longley
Bookkeeper David Dyck
Condo Board Rep Michael Talley

Mailing Address

Evergreen Soaring
PMB #165
6947 Coal Creek Parkway SE
Newcastle, WA 98059-3159